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About us

People around a tableWe first got together in October 2001 as a group meeting once every few weeks to talk about our ideas about how we would like our support staff to work with us. After getting together we decided that we had lots of things we wanted to tell staff, services, managers and other people like supermarket staff, GP's and people we meet every day who treat us differently because we have a learning difficulty.

Two women doing a presentationAt the end of 2001 we decided we would like to be part of a course, and learn the skills needed to train other people. In 2002 we started meeting every week with Bev Liver and John Alderson, who enabled us to learn and practice those skills. We have been part of the Person Centred Planning Training and Disability Awareness in the Lancaster area since 2002.

Two women writing on a flipchartThrough the coming years we have developed training for: NIACE,  Lancashire County council, Lancaster University staff and students, carer groups, Lancashire Adult learning, and the University of Cumbria, as well as doing consultancy work with NHS staff and Universities.

Woman doing a computer presentationWe have also worked with Psychologists on various specialised training development.

Chairs in meeting hallWe have worked across Lancashire and Cumbria, as well as leading workshops in London at a national NIACE conference.

WorkplaceIn August 2013 we set up as a social enterprise.


Learning Together leaflet and link to PDF version You can download a leaflet about our work (PDF, 326kb)

Meet the Trainers

Bev portrait

Beverley - Director, co-ordinator, presentation development and training

I have taught in adult education since 1995. I’m passionate about equality, inclusion and ABILITY awareness.

“Learning Together” enables us all to share our skills and knowledge and break down barriers to inclusion.

Catrhine portrait

Cathrine - presentation development and training

I was one of the first people to join the group in 2001

I have worked for Marks and Spencer since 1995, having a job is important to me.
I have played pool for England, and have my gold Duke of Edinburgh award.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far.
The training we do is important because we help people challenge what they think.

Ian portrait

Ian - presentation development and training

I wanted to build my confidence so joined a drama group and have acted in three plays so far.

Before training with LTNW I had no experience in doing presentations, and very little confidence speaking in front of people. The acting and doing presentations has helped with my confidence a lot!

My future plans are to stay with LTNW and see the business progress and to keep doing training, because together we can make a difference.

Joanne portrait

Joanne - presentation development and training

I volunteer for a charity, keeping their office and kitchen tidy. I have my own flat, and love it.

I’m one of the founder members of the group, and have been part of “Learning Together” since 2001.

I used to worry a lot more than I do now. I think as a group we will go far.

Mark portrait

Mark -presentation development and training

I’ve worked for Sainsbury’s since 1992. I really like watching films and TV programmes.

I’m one of the founder members of the group, and have been part of “Learning Together” since 2001. I love being part of training it has given me more confidence in giving my opinion. The work we do makes people stop and think about equality.

Philip portrait

Philip - presentation development and training

I joined the team in 2011, I had no experience in training. I used to stay at home a lot.

I have made new friends and have joined a cinema club, singing group and started playing pool for the MENCAP England team! The training is helping me build my confidence asking and answering questions. I’m looking forward to having more roles in the business.

Ruth portrait

Ruth - presentation development and training

I like to do volunteer work for charities and I go to my local college to do pottery.

I am loving being part of the team, not just doing training, we support each other too.

Learning how to do presentations has built my self-esteem.

Sarah portrait

Sarah - presentation development and training

My confidence was very low when I joined LTNW. What makes the group special is everyone is involved in developing and doing the training. We are all friends and care and support each other.

Our training gets people thinking and learning. It has opened my eyes to what I can achieve.